Our services

What kind of support ASSICA gives to all members?

Dedicated and customized support in all the areas of interest
We act as a strategic partner for members, allowing them to save time and money. Our highly specialized team responds to the companies’ everyday requirements in terms of consulting, assistance, supervision, and support.
If necessary, our comprehensive and customized service can be provided directly at the company’s premises and we can act as an interface with the institutions.

Legal-health assistance and consulting
The legal-health area supports and helps companies interpret and implement complicated rules issued in Europe and in Italy.

Export support
The export area supports companies to ensure the appropriate implementation of procedures for exports to Third Countries, including advice to approve plants for export to such Countries, also providing on-site support during inspections.

Union-relations support and consulting
In close co-ordination with companies, we carry out negotiations for the periodic renewal of the National Collective Labour Contract for the food industry, and provide assistance to interpret and implement the relevant provisions.

Economic and fiscal support and consulting
We provide analyses and forecasts on the sector’s trends, also produced according to the peculiar needs of individual companies.

Image promotion of products and media-related crisis management
We promote the awareness of productive, nutritional, and cultural issues related to Salumi, pork meat, and other processed products, thus valorizing a world-unique food heritage, in Italy and abroad. Our Press & Public Relations Office is a reference point for media and organizes appearances at radio and TV shows focused on Italian cured meats.