A journey through flavour, renewed nutritional quality and health benefits of a symbol of Italian culinary art

This new data allows to re-evaluate the role of Italian deli meats within a correct diet, in times in which there is an unprecedented, marked interest in subjects that link diet and health. The consumer’s growing awareness, stimulated by increasing scientific evidence and the continuous attention to these subjects by the institutions – and consequently the media – has given a great incentive for the research and development of nutrition, thus defining main guidelines.

The consumer’s current dietary choices are also affected by these criteria, which were previously not greatly considered, especially in relation to a decidedly less active life style with respect to past generations. On the other hand, the food industry has committed to continuous research for improvement that should allow the population’s new nutritional requirements to be satisfied, at the same time trying to preserve the traditional flavour and quality of the products. Many challenges have been faced in this continuous evolution scenario.

Finally, the new European Standard regarding nutritional claims has also highlighted subjects relative to the composition of foodstuffs and the incidence of intake of the various nutrients on public health.
This confers greater objectivity to the nutritional and health indications borne by the food products, with relative impact on the competitiveness of the same and on the dietary choice of the consumers, who are now more informed and protected in their purchases, with the aim of giving them the possibility to follow a healthy diet.

The updating and disclosure of the new nutritional values of deli meats to the scientific community and the consumer is indispensable so they have the correct information, thus making it possible for them respectively to implement the most suitable nutritional recommendations and to make informed dietary choices; therefore supplying an important instrument for the attainment of a healthy and balanced diet.